5.10[TUE] GRAND OPEN at nine hours Akasaka We offer you a ” buzz-worthy cup of coffee” encapsulating the fruity flavor unique to the producing region


A new type of coffee stand that only serves a single origin pure black coffee. Our mission is to convey the distinctiveness of the plantation straight to you without superfluous ornamentation.


Although we recommend drinking the coffee straight to enjoy the taste of the bean, we also do supply sugar and milk. Please mention this to any member of our staff and they will be delighted to be of assistance.

To ensure that we bring you the best, we change the type of coffee on a regular basis. Please follow us on facebook/instagram for more information.


Not only do we care about the type of coffee bean, but we ensure the whole process of cultivation, plantation, the method of refining, roasting and extraction is of top quality to be able to offer you drip brewed coffee that coaxes out the full characteristics of the bean. We always have beans from several different origins, for you to enjoy all the individual flavors in each coffee.



GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS will start offering a new drip brewing service called “GLITCH COFFEE BREWED @ 9h” to staunchly offer the fruity notes of the stringently selected single origin coffee.

This is a new project that offers single origin coffee carefully selected by origin and plantation by drip brewing only (hand-drip only), with a view to raise the bar for specialty coffee.

The philosophy of 9h is to cut down on excess deco to achieve quality in the lodging industry. This overlaps with the philosophy of GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS in the coffee industry. The two companies took time in jointly studying how such shared values could be incorporated into forming a high quality and challenging service. The result was a simple and straightforward form of service in terms of not only its menu but the structure of the store itself.

A new type of business based in Akasaka that expands the world of coffee into new stratosphere.

from 9h ninehours

Since a few years ago, 9h has been studying which coffee to serve at the store, visiting cities that are leaders in the speciality coffee industry located mainly in Northern Europe. That is how we came across a small shop in Oslo, Norway called “Tim Wendelboe”, where we experienced drip brewed coffee that features a delicate, yet clean and fruity flavour.

Based on our plan to reproduce this in Tokyo, with the cooperation of “GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS”, one of the leaders in the new generation of shops in the coffee industry, we will open “GLITCH COFFEE BREWED” inside 9h Akasaka.

COFFEE BREWED shares the basic concept with the 9h as a lodging service. It is Japan’s first drip brewed coffee stand that only offers micro-roasted single origin drip brewed coffee. The décor is kept to a minimum and focuses on serving the customer the authentic flavor and fruity aroma of the coffee bean.

The drip brewed coffee is brought to you by GLITCH, who freely express their ability to identify quality coffee beans and the roasting and extraction ability to coax out and let shine the inherent delicate flavor of the coffee bean. We are here to help ensure the customers have the best coffee experience. Please enjoy “BREWED”, a new and simple way of enjoying superior quality coffee with a hint of fruity undertone.


4-3-14 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Capsule Hotel Nine Hours Akasaka 1F
business hours 8:00 − 18:00
Tel 03-5545-1565